Welcome to Nā Lima Kāko'o

Welcome to Nā Lima Kāko'o, the online registration system for volunteer health care professionals for the state of Hawaii and Pacific Islands.

COVID-19 Response:

At this time we are planning and preparing for the possibility of medical surge. Please sign up for your respective island (under Organization) when completing the application. 

Note: Depending on needs and assignments, MRC volunteers will be deployed. However, there is a possibility you may not be deployed. We are asking potential volunteers to be patient and flexible as we continue this response.

For additional information on the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) click here. 

This site allows you to register as a responder willing to provide services during a disaster or public health emergency. The registration system will collect basic information about you and your professional skills. Please click on the Register Now button below to begin the registration process. If you have already completed the registration process or would like to return to an in-progress registration, please sign-in utilizing your "username" and "password".

During a disaster or other emergency, volunteer health care professionals are often called upon to fulfill essential roles such as providing medical evaluation and care, vaccinations or assisting with the distribution of medications. Volunteers also support preparedness activities such as community education and training.